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Connect Tech and the Aviation/Telecommunications Industry – An Application Story

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A leader in the development of turnkey solutions for Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunications Network message handling systems has been partnering with Connect Tech since 1997. These systems provide airports with a crucial link to information about flight plans, weather patterns, and other air traffic concerns.

The systems must be reliable, secure, fast and expandable, using state of the art hardware and modular software architecture. In this way, the company ensures its products conform to the highest standards to meet the world’s increasing air traffic and safety needs.

Connect Tech’s high performance Intellicon-NT960 is a RISC-based, expandable I/O subsystem rugged enough for even the most complex of application needs. In conjunction with ACM/16 and ACM/Flex-16 external modules, one Intellicon-NT960 host adapter can handle up to 128 ports. In addition, the Intellicon's processor and dual-ported RAM substantially reduce serial I/O bottlenecks on the host CPU, ensuring enhanced performance for the total system.

It is the ideal board for this application, which requires the NT960 to connect VSATs, teleprinters, data terminals, serial printers, and GPS systems. Reliability is crucial, since the automatic message switching center must run uninterrupted 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Now operating in 10 Indonesian airports, the system’s design team continues to integrate the NT960 as a trusted component of the system hardware in its turnkey solution.



About Connect Tech:
Since 1985, Connect Tech has provided the globe with high quality, cost-effective connectivity solutions. Committed to excellence in both product design and customer satisfaction, Connect Tech continues to build on a reputation for manufacturing high performance multi-port serial adapters for personal computers.


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