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CompactPCI serial cards



The benefits of CompactPCI (cPCI) technology continue to fuel its growth in the industrial computer market. Combining the best of ruggedized packaging with the Peripheral Component Interconnect bus, it also enables hot-swapping, an important feature for operators of real-time systems. Connect Tech recently applied its design expertise to this bus technology to better provide our customers with the quality CompactPCI products they require.

Titan CompactPCI (cPCI)

Connect Tech's offering in the popular 3U form factor, the Titan/cPCI offers two or four ports of fast and flexible CompactPCI connectivity, with the option for rear I/O.

Titan/cPCI Rear I/O

These robust rear panel I/O options for the Titan/cPCI are available in two 3U versions: Rear I/O and Rear I/O Opto. These reliable additions allow the convenience of rear I/O connectivity for your CompactPCI application, while maintaining high performance and reliability.

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