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PC/104 serial cards



COM Express® Type 6 Rugged Ultra Lite Carrier Boar

Features and Benefits

formatting Rugged, locking pin headers
formatting COM Express® Type 6 compatibility
formatting Mini-PCIe Expansion, USB 2.0, DisplayPort++



Custom Solutions from Connect Tech

The Lottery Industry: Game for a Change

The Benefits:
This company knew they wanted a Connect Tech product. They were willing to purchase our standard hardware and tie up their own resources to alter the product in-house. Instead, Connect Tech customized the board to their specifications, at no extra cost. They received the exact product they needed, in the timeframe required, at the right price.

The Company:
One of the largest players in the lottery industry, our customer recently sourced parts for an exciting lottery terminal pilot project. It involved the design of a touch screen scratch-and-win game. These terminals would then daisy chain to an I/O adapter; and Connect Tech's Blue Heat/PCI was the board of choice. They had purchased Connect Tech’s off-the-shelf Blue Heat in the past, and were pleased with the product and the superior level of technical support.

The Requirements:
The pilot application operates in a Linux environment, an operating system fully supported at Connect Tech. The card must also possess RS-485 multi-drop, another feature of the Blue Heat/PCI 485.

Based on positive past experience, they are interested in Connect Tech’s Blue Heat boards. Our Blue Heat-2/PCI is a great fit. It offers surge protection, and RS-422/485 interface with support for all three 485 modes, and communication speeds over 900 Kpbs.

But there’s a hitch: networking multiple video terminals requires a tri-state boot. The Blue Heat is designed to boot in the more popular full duplex mode.

The Fix:
Connect Tech’s hardware engineers reprogram the hardware logic while the software team tweaks the standard Linux driver so both meet the precise requirements of the customer. The board boots in the tri-state mode so as not to interrupt communications already occurring on the network. The customer now connects 32 lottery terminal devices on each leg of the network without interference.

A perfect fit solution.

Call 519-836-1291 (or 1-800-426-8979 within North America), or contact Sales to put your custom solution in motion.

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