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PC/104 Plus serial cards



The PC/104-Plus combines the best of the PCI bus with the rugged and compact form factor of PC/104. It is ideal for today's sophisticated embedded applications that require high speed I/O and reliable data transfer.


PSG, PXG Series: Power Supply Solutions
Part #: PSG, PXG

Power Supplies

Connect Tech’s Xtreme/PSU and Xtreme/PSU Isolated, powers all of the PC/104 family expansions buses including PC/104, PC/104-Plus, PCI-104, PCI/104-Express and PCIe/104. These high efficiency, high powered PC/104 form factors are available with extended temperature capabilities. Xtreme/PSU supplies an incredible 115 Watts of power without the need for an external heatsink. Xtreme/PSU Isolated provides up to 195W of total output power with +3.3V, +5V, and +12V output voltages, and three power series options (LP, SP, HP) for an ideal end power solution.

DAG003, DAG004, DAG005: Xtreme I/O ADC-DAC PCI-104 Analog and Digital Data Acquisition Board
Part #: DAG003,
DAG004, DAG005


Xtreme I/O ADC-DAC

Connect Tech’s Xtreme I/O ADC-DAC is an analog and digital peripheral board for the PCI-104 small form factor embedded marketplace. This product is ideal for data acquisition, measurement and control applications.

XOG005: PC/104-Plus Xtreme/104-Plus Opto
Part #: XOG005

Xtreme/104-Plus Opto

Xtreme/104-Plus Opto provides the added protection of 3kV optical isolation on a rugged and compact form factor for your critical applications..

XPG002, XPG003: PC/104-Plus Xtreme/104-Plus
Part #: XPG002,


Connect Tech's Xtreme/104-Plus family is PCI 2.3 and PC/104-Plus 2.0 compliant, and include PC/104 pass-through connectors for compatibility with legacy PC/104 cards. Rugged and capable of withstanding extreme operating temperatures, the Xtreme/104-Plus family is perfect for any demanding embedded needs.

XPG024: Xtreme/104-Plus 16 Port
Part #: XPG024

Xtreme/104-Plus 16 Port

Connect Tech’s Xtreme/104-Plus 16 Port is PC/104-Plus 2.3 compliant, and offers 16 ports of switchable RS-232/422/485 on a single PC/104-Plus card. This provides the highest port density and most flexible PC/104-Plus serial port solution available, and is ideally suited for embedded systems where high serial port count and a small footprint is required.

 TP001: PC/104-Plus Titan/104-Plus
Part #: TP001


The Titan/104-Plus combines the best in performance and design of full sized PCI bus devices with the rugged and compact form factor of PC/104. Titan/104-Plus offers independent port configuration for baud rate and data bit options of 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9, as well as, 1, 1.5 and 2 stop bits. Select between odd and even parity.

 CRG001: PCI-104 CAN Controller: CANpro/104-Plus Opto
Part #: CRG001

CANpro/104-Plus Opto

CANpro/104-Plus Opto is based on a PC/104-Plus bus. The design frees up valuable I/O space offering you greater flexibility within your embedded system. For even more I/O, CANpro/104-Plus Opto includes an 8-bit GPIO header.

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